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How to enjoy the sea and mountains

It was summer vacation and my friends and I came to go swimming. There were many people on the beach, but we left the beach and started walking towards the mountains.

We were heading for a small lake halfway up the mountain. My friends put on their swimsuits and headed out for a swim, while I sat by the lakeside and enjoyed the surrounding nature. The lakeside was lush with trees and birds chirping. A cool breeze was blowing from the mountain tops and I was having a pleasant time.

As my friends were swimming, they mentioned that there were snakes around the lake. I was not fond of snakes and did not go near the lake, but my friends were swimming happily. But something happened in the lake.

While my friends were swimming, a large amount of mud spewed out from the bottom of the lake. Startled, the friends quickly swam to shore. As the mud mixed with the water, the lake water turned brown and muddy. We decided to leave the lake and move to safer ground.

After we moved, we looked around and began to think of new games to play. My friends wanted to swim, but I didn't want to go near the lake. So we decided to climb a mountain.

It took some effort to reach the top of the mountain, but the view from the top was amazing. We could see the ocean, the lake, and the sandy beach, and we were all impressed by the spectacular view. My friends took pictures with their cameras and I looked around.

The summer sun was strong, but the breeze at the top of the mountain was pleasant. We had lunch and enjoyed the cool breeze.

In the evening, we spent the day in the mountains.

In the evening we descended the mountain and returned to the beach. Despite the events at the lakeside, we were able to forget about them and have a good time again. It was a wonderful summer day, enjoying the mountains and the ocean together.