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rice ball coated with red beans, soybean flour or sesame

Living deep in the mountains of the countryside, our family enjoyed "autumn leaf viewing" every fall. Enjoying delicious food while viewing the beauty of the autumn leaves was our regular autumn activity.

This year again, we began our preparations early in the morning to head for the mountains. The road was mountainous, and just driving along the road we could enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves.

When we arrived at the summit of the mountain, the colorful autumn leaves were spread out before us. We began to stroll around, taking pictures and admiring the autumn leaves. The roadside was littered with fallen leaves and the sound of walking underfoot was pleasant.

In the midst of all this, we discovered a small field. There they were selling large pumpkins and rice balls wrapped in maple leaves. We decided to fill our bellies there.

The pumpkins had a natural sweetness that whetted our appetites. The rice balls also had the aroma of maple leaves, making us feel autumn with every bite. We kept eating until we were full.

After we finished eating, we continued our walk, again enjoying the autumn leaves. Along the way, we also encountered wild animals and enjoyed being in touch with nature.

In the midst of all this, we found a small hot spring. Because the hot spring was in the mountains, the water was clear and there was a pleasant steam rising from the water. We took a dip in the hot spring and enjoyed the autumnal atmosphere.

At dusk, we descended from the mountain and began preparing to head home. It was a great day of foliage viewing, hot springs, and delicious food, all in all a most enjoyable day. We promised to head back to the mountains again next year, this time in the fall.