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staying at home during the New Year's holiday

With the arrival of winter, our family has come to rely on kotatsu. On cold winter days, we spend time in the kotatsu, drinking tea and reading books.

And as the New Year approached, we began to make preparations. New Year's Day means New Year's soba, Osechi (New Year's Eve) dishes, and Hatsumode (New Year's visit to shrines and temples). Our family decided to prepare early for the New Year.

First, we started with New Year's Eve soba noodles.

First, we went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for New Year's Eve soba. At the entrance of the supermarket, there were many special New Year's Eve and New Year's products. We stocked up on buckwheat flour, dried bonito flakes, kikurage mushrooms, and green onions.

We also went to buy ingredients for Osechi dishes. Osechi dishes use a multitude of ingredients, but we decided to stick to homemade and take the time to cook them. We prepared the ingredients and began to make simmered and grilled dishes.

On New Year's Eve, we ate New Year's Eve soba while sitting in the kotatsu. The aroma of warm soba and bonito flakes spread throughout the kotatsu. We were now ready to relax from the fatigue of the past year and welcome the new year.

And with the New Year upon us, we went to Hatsumode with our family. Hatsumode was held at a nearby shrine. There were many people praying at the shrine. We bought good luck charms and omamori, and prayed for the new year.

After returning home, we went to the shrine to buy some osechi (rice cakes).

After returning home, we ate Osechi cuisine. There were many kinds of dishes lined up, including simmered dishes, baked dishes, and sweet dishes. The handmade Osechi dishes had a special flavor that the family had worked together to create.

In this way, we spent the New Year in the warmth of the kotatsu, eating delicious food and enjoying the New Year. We wish you a happy and healthy year with your family.