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candle regimen

One evening, a lonely old man was lying in his house. He had been lonely for many years, having lost his wife and children. His only friend was a neighbor who delivered the medicine his weak heart needed to keep him alive.

One night, he accidentally forgot to take his medicine and was struggling to breathe. Then his neighbor came to visit. He smelled of garlic, but still he was concerned for him.

"Are you all right?" the neighbor asked, and the old man nodded. 'Just having a hard time breathing,' he said.

"Then try this," the neighbor said, pulling out a candle. 'This is my old candle for breathing. By breathing in and slowly breathing out, I can regulate my breathing without straining my heart."

The old man half-heartedly accepted the candle. However, by following his neighbor's advice, he was able to regulate his breathing, and his breathlessness eased. From then on, the old man began to do breathing exercises with the candle every night.

A few weeks later, the old man visited his neighbor to thank him. He told him that his heart condition had improved thanks to the breathing exercises and candles his neighbor had given him.

"You have given me a new life. Thank you so much," the old man said.

The neighbor smiled and replied.

"It was your own strength and determination. I have only given you the tools to support yourself. You have the power to support yourself in the future."

The old man felt saved by his words. Having reaffirmed that he had the power to sustain himself, he decided to continue to live his life with great care.