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That man is Santa Claus.

One day, a wise man appeared as an opponent in a game of military chess. Military chess is a game in which you try to conquer your opponent's position by moving your pieces like a chess player. The Wise Man tried this game for the first time, but because of his incredible thinking ability, he quickly emerged victorious.

The military chess players marveled at the Sage's thinking ability, but some of them were jealous. Then one of the soldiers said, "This game requires knowledge of war in order to win. The wise men are not suited for this game because they are people who do not know war".

But the wise man refuted his words. He said, "War is tragic and futile. We should live to build a peaceful world. We can change the world, not through military power, but through wisdom and understanding."

The soldiers were amazed by the wise man's words and sympathized with his philosophy. They decided to borrow from the sage's wisdom in order to end war and build a peaceful world.

Then they worked together to build a peaceful world. Then, on Christmas night, the wise man dressed up as Santa Claus and went around the villages to distribute gifts. He began this act to bring peace and hope to those who had been hurt by war.

When people learned that Santa Claus was really the Wise Man, they were again impressed by his philosophy. They reaffirmed that by believing in peace and love, they could change the world.

This story teaches us that belief in wisdom and peace has the power to change the world.