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Mango of Sadness

He was alone, fishing. The sun was still high and the wind was blowing pleasantly. He was fishing for big fish lurking in the sea. But as usual, nothing caught.

Then his cell phone rang. When he picked up the phone, he received news of an illness from a friend. His friend turned out to have terminal cancer and had only a few months to live.

Shocked, he stopped fishing and went to visit his friend. Upon entering his friend's hospital room, he found a mango on his bedside table. His friend had given it to him as a gift.

"Eat this. It's delicious.

His friend said with a smile. He accepted the mango and ate it with gratitude. The sweet aroma and taste of the mango seemed to heal his heart.

Then he thought about what he could do for his friend, cherishing the time he spent with him. He knew his friend liked the ocean, so he suggested they go fishing together. His friend gladly complied.

Fishing with his friend made him feel as if he could forget his friend's illness. His friend also seemed to cherish this time.

However, after they finished fishing, his friend collapsed and died. He was saddened, but the taste and smell of the mangoes his friend gave him soothed his heart.

He decided to live his life with his friend, never forgetting the memory of his friend and the taste of the mango. He then planted the mango seeds his friend had left him, hoping that each time they bore fruit, they would bring back memories of his friend.