Bamon's Blog


There was a young man who enjoyed fishing for sweetfish in a quiet mountain stream. It was his custom to fish for sweetfish in this river every year at this time of year.

One day, as he raised his fishing rod, he was suddenly attacked from behind. He quickly fought back, taking advantage of the fact that he was learning Karate.

His swinging fist, however, was stopped by someone before it hit his opponent in the face. He turned around to find a gentile man standing before him.

The gentile grabbed him by the wrist and said quietly. 'You are strong. But it's not enough. I'm going to teach you Karate. So follow me."

Slightly puzzled, he decided to follow the gentile. The gentile took him into the mountains, where he taught him the secrets of Karate.

He mastered Karate under the guidance of the gentiles. Then one day he returned to that river to fish for sweetfish again.

However, while he was fishing for sweetfish in the river, a bear suddenly appeared ahead of him. He used his Karate skills to drive the bear away, but at that moment something changed in him.

He felt truly strong in the world of Karate and ayu fishing. He then returned to the gentile to show his appreciation.

The gentiles were happy that he had mastered Karate and had become stronger. And the Gentiles said to him. You have become strong. But it is not enough. The world is big. Go ahead."

With the gentile's lesson in mind, he decided to set out on his journey. He continued to fish for sweetfish with Karate, and through his encounters with different cultures, he found a new self.