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communicating while drinking

Ryo, a ninja, was on a mission to infiltrate an enemy castle. He witnessed important enemy figures getting drunk on alcohol in the castle's banquet hall.

Ryo attempted to get information from those of the enemy present, thinking that it might lead to the gathering of information on the enemy. However, because they were drunk, he could not extract any information from them.

Then Ryo came up with another method. He decided to use the effects of alcohol to get his enemies to give him the attention he needed. Ryou drank alcohol himself and pretended to get drunk with his enemies.

But Ryo's plan took an unexpected turn. Under the influence of alcohol, his body began to ignore universal gravitation. His enemies were astonished to see Ryou sticking to the ceiling.

Sawing this, Ryou got the idea for a new ninjutsu that utilized universal gravitation. While pretending to be drunk, he added universal gravitation to the sake he had made his enemies drink, causing them to float away.

The enemy men were astonished to find themselves floating, and without alarming Ryou, they began to tell him information. Ryou was then able to carry out his mission based on their information.

Ryo then studied the incorporation of universal gravitation into ninjutsu and shared his techniques with the ninjas. They then used these techniques to carry out their various missions.

Ryo felt proud that the ninjutsu he had invented was helping the ninja. He then went on to create a new ninjutsu that utilized the power of alcohol to deceive the enemy.